New way

“I do not want to have a feeling at the end of the day. That something is slipping through my fingers, I do not wish to become yet another fool. Who is waiting for autumn to arrive…” (Circus Prague) “The right hobby must ruin a man” Dear breeders, Breeding requires expertise and patience. I like to apply one of these truths in my breeding activities. Other principles include: “QUALITAS et SUPERBIA et SCIENTIA” (quality, pride and knowledge)… and last but not least it is love for dogs. All this has a consequence in my undertaking a journey, which I have to pave myself. Staffordshire bullterrier is a breed currently taking the prominent positions of interest. It encompasses its positive, but also negative truth for the breeders. Based on the demand there arise farmers among breeders, who place their overproduction in the market and take away opportunities of greater space for the real breeders. But this aspect is only secondary. Children of the farmer dogs and children of their children create great quantities of genetic waste, which degenerate the stud and also its perspective options to the detriment of the gains for the individual. Who is a breeder? My definition is simple. Breeder is a person who by his or her professional focus improves the genetic trace of the individuals of his or her own stud. This trace has to be perspective for more generations and always strong for the direction of the breed reproduction. Firmness of the genetic trace reflects in the line of the stud. The strength of the genetic trace indicates the quality of the breeder.
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